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Mobile assistant
for guests of your hotel

Adaptive application for all devices that allows the hotel to build an effective communication with the guest via Wi-Fi.

Simplifies communication with guest.
Our solution allows the hotel to tell about special offers, promotions, as well as to arrange a survey while the guest is at the hotel, to collect information about guests and their preferences.
Order services and special offers

Wifi access control
Collect reviews on the quality of services

Through your wifi. Your guests can leave feedback and suggestions when connected to a Wi-Fi network. The service will provide an opportunity to get an assessment of the staff’s work and return the guest before                              Negative can become public.
Statistics about the stay of guests

In your object by analyzing the download Wi-Fi network.
Modern and convenient designer Landing Wi-Fi

Allows you to customize the display of information on your scenario and time.
Informing guests about events

In your hotel during your guest stay.
Order services and special offers

Through the application.
Convenient template builder
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