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Monitoring reviews of your hotel on popular sites.

Collect reviews.

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The composition of the rating.

For the desired period and by category.
Poll guests after departure.

For a first opinion about the stay of the guest through the E-Mail newsletter.
Hotel rating widget.

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Tracking reviews
in real time.
Every hour, our system monitors the appearance of new reviews of your hotel on all popular sites. As soon as a new review appears, we will immediately inform you about it.
Collects data from most popular sites.
Details of each review
Hotel reputation plays an important role.
TripAdvisor has published the results of the study, which was attended by 12,225 people from around the world, including a thousand Russians.

The study revealed how significant the role of online reviews when choosing and booking a hotel. PhoCusWright, a survey commissioned by TripAdvisor, found that more than half of Russian travelers (53%) would not book a hotel about which no reviews have been left.

Among the Russian respondents a large a part (75%) noted that the reviews left on the site play an essential role for making decisions related to the upcoming trip, better organization and getting the best quality services (73%).
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